A Short Story About The Owner

Meire de Matos, owner and founder of Green Clean Plus, moved to the U.S. in 1993 and, in her words, “Immediately fell in love with this country and the people.”

Her first employment was working as a helper for friends, cleaning houses and learning about life in her new country. Within one short year, she had learned about the cleaning business, cleaning products and how a professional cleaning service is provided. By the end of her second year, she had already started finding her own new clients, working for herself and continuing to learn and grow in the industry. Eventually, she went into business for herself and Green Clean Plus was born.

As Meire says, “This kind of job is not easy to do but I love it and put my whole heart into it. There is no school for learning except in doing the work and making happy customers. It is truly a blessing to have a career that allows me the opportunity to help others.”

Meire is proud to say that she now has clients who have been with her for nearly two decades because of her dedication to hard work and customer satisfaction. She has received many excellent references and testimonials over the years, allowing her to continue growing and expanding the business throughout the East Bay Area.

In her personal life, Meire resides in San Pablo and is the mother of two children; a son who is in engineering school and a daughter who attending veterinary college in Los Angeles.

Meire de Matos
Meire de Matos